A social experiment video is now going viral all over social media after a Youtube channel decided to cover a story of girls wanting the latest gadgets. We all know that the youth today are really into the latest gadgets and they always wanted to have the coolest because it is a trend.

This is because of their peers having so much luxury and if they wanted to be in the group, they would do everything just to have the latest and coolest phones. Yes, smartphones are really helpful especially when it comes to work or even studies related things but for luxury and for bragging rights, it is not.

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Yet, some young people are really eager to own one and would do everything just to have it. Some would do honorable things like selling stuff and working part-time and earn the money while some choose to take the shortcut.

Yes, for girls many would think it is easy to lure guys and give you a phone just like what you hear on the internet that many people are talking about. According to surveys, there are a lot of young women who are doing this thing across the world, looking for male friends and asking them to buy one in return of having a relationship with them.

Some women would sell themselves just for the sake of getting the latest gadgets right in their fingertips but what would really happen and what can happen when one girl decides to do this kind of thing. Apparently, the social experiment says it all and it surprised many netizens.

In the video, you will see that the girl was waiting for the mystery guy she would meet in exchange for the iPhone 8. She was brought in a hotel room and the guy already made a set up for the room. Little did the girl student know that 3 other guys are waiting for her.

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She was shocked of the group and immediately went crying and later on it was revealed that it was just a social experiment and the woman gave her advice. The video went viral all over social media and many netizens are now giving out their sentiments regarding the video.

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