Naglalaro Ang Mag-Amang Ito Sa Isang Hinukay Na Libingan. Siguradong Madudurog Ang Iyong Puso Sa Kwentong Ito!

A father was devastated after he learned that he can no longer pay for his sick daughter’s medical bills so he just decided to prepare her for her own death by allowing her to play on her own grave.

A two-year-old girl Zhang Xin Lei was just two months old when she was diagnosed with a blood condition. her family who resides in China had already spent more than £11,000 on her medical treatment. Unfortunately, their money has now run out.

After they realized that he can no longer do anything to cure his daughter’s illness, the devastated father Zhang Liyong decided that the only option left was to prepare his daughter for her own death.

He said: “I could only come up with this idea of bringing her to play at this place.

“This is where she will rest in peace.All I can do is accompanying her every day.”

Every day, Liyong lies in the grave cuddling his daughter while his pregnant wife sits nearby.

The family has already borrowed money from her friends but then, the offers of help have now run out.

Reports then claimed that the little girl who suffers from Thalassaemia needed a lifelong treatment that includes medication and blood transfusions.

It’s already devastating to find out that your children are suffering from severe illness but nothing can be more painful than learning that you can no longer pay for your children’s medication and the only thing that’s left for you to do is to prepare them for their own death.

Heartbroken Father Prepares Her Severely Ill Daughter For Her Own Death By Allowing Her To Play In Her Grave

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