President Duterte hinalikan ang isang babae sa South Korea meet bago matapos ang kaniyang speech

President Rodrigo Duterte's act of kissing a woman on stage during a meeting with the Filipino community in Seoul, South Korea on Sunday prompted criticism on social media.


Before ending his speech during the meeting, Duterte in jest said he would give a book in exchange for a kiss as payment and specifically asked for women in the audience. He gave a book titled "Altar of Secrets: Sex, Politics, and Money in the Philippine Catholic Church" to an overseas Filipino worker and gave her a kiss on the lips.

"'Wag lalaki, may bayad 'to halik. Handa ka bang makipaghalikan? (Not a man. You have to pay me with a kiss. Are you ready for kissing?")

Duterte said while calling to a woman in the audience.

People reacts:

I'm not even going to state all the things that's obviously wrong here. But look at how President Duterte is gripping the Filipina's forearms while he kisses her in front of an audience. BTW, this was during his official visit in South Korea.

President DUTERTE said at the end of his speech in South Korea that the "KISS" was only for entertainment. Hah! I'm not buying it Mr President. The woman was not an entertainer. Advancing on women for entertainment purpose is OFFENSIVE. I give you an "F" for failed on this. 👎

PDuts just kissed the lips of a Filipina in South Korea and it’s the grossest thing I’ve seen this day.

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Source: Philstar